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From Legend to Science: A History of Chinese Medicine

In ‘From Legend to Science’ Ruan Jin Zhao tells how, as a young student, he had asked himself,’ How can these simple leaves and twigs cure a disease?

Thus began the author’s exploration of Chinese medicine, the development of which he traces in depth. A marvel of the ancient world, it was holistic in its inception, ever mindful of man’s position between heaven and earth. Never severed from its philosophical base, as was Western medicine, the Chinese traditional medicine emphasized balance and harmony within the human body, treating the body as an organic whole, with the over-arching Yin/Yang principle.

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  1. Anonymous says:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Outstanding Survey of Chinese Medicine Along With Intriguing Descriptions of Chinese Medical Treatments for Common Diseases, May 20, 2011
    James R. Pannozzi “DOM” (Sarasota, Florida) –

    This review is from: From Legend to Science: A History of Chinese Medicine (Hardcover)

    This is an outstanding book mainly on historical basis and aspects of Chinese medicine but I quickly discovered two hidden gems within the book – the brief but superb overview of historical Chinese medical books and their importance and a beautiful description and overview of Chinese medical treatments for some common western diseases including cases where inadequacies in western treatments leave some situations unaddressed.

    Using personal experience along with one of the best overviews of the growth and development of Chinese medical theories that I’ve seen, the author clearly and concisely describes the major historical developments and conceptual foundations of that vast and still undiscovered treasure that constitutes Chinese medicine.

    Along with the historical information, the author includes cases showing the application of Traditional Chinese Medicine principles to specific illnesses and diseases which alone is easily worth the price of the book. Such diseases as HIV, Cancer, Liver disease and Diabetes are included. One wishes there was more details but the author does mention specific formulas. Included are some very interesting examples, even something simple such as ankle edema related to weather.

    Though the book lacks an index, an interesting bibliography is included and the overall organization of the book allows easy finding of the desired topic.

    Due to the clear descriptions of the conditions, interesting historical information and very useful description of historical Chinese medical books and their significance, this book deserves and gets a 5 star top reading.

    I think it is this book and not the otherwise excellent “Web That Has No Weaver” that should be suggested as the ideal introductory book to Chinese medicine for both the public and for the just starting out student of Chinese medicine.

    Highly recommended!

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