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Question by Pupud: I want to help my friend, he has migraine. is there a herbal medicine or a natural way to cure it?
We don’t like drugs or any other synthetic chemicals coz it just sometimes worsen the illness.

Best answer:

Answer by Sciman
Cures depend on the cause e.g. chocolate…
-2) Dry socks, or vest or shirt. Standing in bare fet on cold dry tiles.
-1) Bring sunglasses everywhere.
0) Limit stress, if possible
1) Head massage before the migraine to stop it.
2) If your friend has bad breath, headaches, upset stomach, burping, fluid retention (hangover after cornflakes eaten last thing at night ??!)………… Then the cause could be excesss candida albicans (yeast) brought on by a diet that yeast love: white bread, biscuits, sweets, cakes, jam tarts, any tarts, sugary drinks, jam, marmalade, honey, sugar in tea and coffee (Or is that coffee or tea in sugar?).

Apart from STOPPING eating these foods one can get an anti-candida ssubstance in a health shop. Non prescription, and according to directions on the bottle. This is a once-off action to inhibit the growth of excess candida, which allows the normal bacteria to multiply and maintain the yeast in small numbers, as in all people not suffering from excesss candida.

Substance could be maximised caprylic acid, taken with food. (Or trade name – Capricin). 1000 mg of Lysine could be taken daily if does not have virally caused sore lips. This coaxes the yeast into being in a form more vulnerable to the caprylic acid.

The candida may have caused a leaky stomach, which might lead to allergens getting into the blood stream, leading to migraine etc. When the candida has been tamed more remedial work might be appropriate.

Your friend should eat plenty of fibre. If he eats bread, then I recommend brown bread, for many reasons e.g. it lessens the insulin surges which could lead to diabetes, and then heart disease and / or strokes. It would be easier for him to control or keep controlling his weight, etc.

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