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2nd FIRE – brief synopsis

There are many thoughtful people, among them scientists and medical practioners, who are intuitively sympathetic to so-called New Age ideas, but who lack the energy of conviction to make of it an effective, healing philosophy – using ‘healing’ in the broadest sense.

2nd Fire explores a number of principles or laws of Nature. These indicate that an understanding of suffering is possible and consequently that the basis for an honest, philosophically coherent and effective system of healing can be found.

The Principle of Law in Nature, for instance, asserts that natural law applies with equal rigour in all realms – physical as well as metaphysical. Since suffering is first and l

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Price: $ 9.99

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  1. Dale Sanders says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    One of the Best General Philosophy Books, July 25, 2011
    Dale Sanders (Chicago, IL) –

    This review is from: 2nd Fire (Kindle Edition)

    As a healthcare executive, disillusioned with modern western medicine, I was expecting a book that focused on alternative medicine and the role of spirituality in physical health. While it is certainly that, the book is much, much more. This is one of the best general philosophy books I’ve ever read. I have a minor degree in philosophy and a lifelong curiosity in life’s ultimate truths– Mr. Relly’s book is now among the top that I value. I also have undergraduate degrees in chemistry and biology, and a graduate degree in information systems engineering. I share that background not in an attempt to impress, but rather to emphasize that my mind expects a reasonable degree of theorem and proof to explain the world. Grand leaps of spiritual or religious faith which lack congruent arguments tend to raise my easily raised cynicism. But I also realize that science and math can, as we so far understand them, describe only a portion of our existence and, in fact, the best of modern science only raises more questions about the role of humanity in the universe.

    Mr. Relly blends the rigor of analysis from an accomplished scientist/geologist, with many years of humble introspection, to produce one of the best books I’ve read in many years. He walks with the hand of science up to its logical point of departure, then releases and escorts the reader into the realm of existence that science and medicine cannot yet address. These are not the thoughts of a young author. As I read the book, I would occasionally pause for contemplation– and more than once, I was left with a feeling that Mr. Relly had somehow managed to extract the eons of knowledge held in the geology that he studied. The earth and rocks surrendered their thoughts to him and the thoughts in his book can only come from an elder statesman– a mentor– some 80-plus years in the making.

    His writing style is very interesting, in that it is readable on several levels of philosophical maturity– from newcomers to the more experienced. At the risk of approaching dramatic, this book sincerely ranks among the most interesting and well-written texts on general philosophy in my collection– a collection that spans Plato to Hume, Lao Tzu to Descarte, and Kuhn to Buddha. It would be wonderful for this book to be more widely available in printed form, and more widely known to the public.

    Nicely done Mr. Relly and many thanks to you. What a wonderful coincidence… or maybe not…that brought your book into my hands. ;-)

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