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5 Factors to Living the Wellness Lifestyle

No visionary doctor has offered a more straight forward and scientifically valid program to living a complete wellness lifestyle. The fact is; Americans are practicing an outdated model of “health care” that is causing more harm than health. Dr. Orcutt reveals that even the elite wellness aficionados of today continue to harm and toxify themselves in vain.

In this entertaining 80 page e-book Dr. Orcutt outlines, how to live the wellness lifestyle that he has taught in his clinic for over a decade enhancing the lives of thousands of his patients. Dr. Orcutt says,“For these people, wellness is not a destination, but rather an enjoyable life practice that rewards them gracefully”. This easy to read book is packed with the

List Price: $ 9.97

Price: $ 9.97

Question by Conundrum 153: How to get rid of a persistent cough? (By natural medicine)?
I’ve had this cough since I came back from Mexico (2 mos. ago). I got over the flu/cold symptoms, but the cough just won’t go away. Aside from going to get antibiotics, which don’t really work, what do you recommend? Please, no mumbo jumbo answers…

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Answer by cathy
Honey and viniger… really works. On tea spoon each…swallow together.

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