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The Professor of Secrets: Mystery, Medicine, and Alchemy in Renaissance Italy

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In the tradition of Galileo’s Daughter and Brunelleschi’s Dome, this exciting story illuminates the captivating world of the late Renaissance—in this case its plagues, remedies, and alchemy—through the life of Leonardo Fioravanti, a brilliant, remarkably forward-thinking, and utterly unconventional doctor. Fioravanti’s marvelous cures and talent for self-aggrandizement earned him the adoration of the people, the scorn of the medical establishment, and a reputation as one of the age’s most colorful, combative figures. Written by Pulitzer-prize nominated historian William Eamon, The Professor of Secrets entices readers into a dangerous scientific underworld of sorcerers and surgeons. Meticulously researched and engagingly written, this gr

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Question by themojoman_dj: Is there a natural herb or medicine instead of taking FLOMAX for urinary problems??
They are SO EXPENSIVE,,$ 60 copay with my ins. co. Canada already has the generic and SO MUCH cheaper. I wish I knew a way to find out when it’s going generic in the states.

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Answer by Heal M
whats is your urinary problem. mail me in detail.

These are some helps for permanent cure
Yoga, meditation, Pilate
Breathing exercises
Tapping technique and EFT
Affirmations and Self Hypnosis or Self Talk.
Reading good books like “Chicken soup for the soul”
Exercise – home or gym
Acupuncture helps for addiction and cure try www . acupuncture . com
Chinese Herbal medicine is very good
Go the toilet and empty the bladder before sleep
Do not overeat or eat late and do not drink water within 2 hours before going to bed.
Check for prostate infections or inflammations
Check for glandular imbalance
Try KEGEL Exercise
Music therapy – Listening to soft melodious music, Mozart or Handel for example.
Good luck

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  1. Paul Gelman "PAUL Y. GELMAN" says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Fascinating and spellbinding !!, July 23, 2010
    Paul Gelman “PAUL Y. GELMAN” (HAIFA , ISRAEL) –

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    This review is from: The Professor of Secrets: Mystery, Medicine, and Alchemy in Renaissance Italy (Hardcover)

    Imagine this: you are sitting in a hall together with many other people anxiously waiting for the show to start. All of you have paid an entry fee. At one end of the hall stage there is one famous doctor,and at the other end stands another doctor. Both physicians have different views about many medical issues. Then,when everything is ready,three cadavers are introduced to the audience. The bodies belong to criminals who were convicted either of murder or theft.
    The show is about to begin. Here another doctor shows up,and he will perform an anatomical dissection live. He asks the audience to be quiet and all the jokes and chats stop.
    This kind of thing actually took place in Italy during the sixteenth century,when Flemish anatomist Andreas Vesalius arrived in Bolognia to perform a series of anatomical demonstrations. Among those who attended one such show was Leonardo Fioravanti,23 years old and the subject of this fascinating volume. He was disgusted by what he saw,and the whole affair reminded him of a butcher’s shop. He concluded that doctors might know a lot about the various body organs,but when it comes to knowing the reasons for so many diseases,their knowledge is almost nil.
    The times were hard: devastating plagues were rampant,corsairs were abundant prowling the Mediterranean Sea,violence was everywhere in Italy,murders were committed en masse in Rome,and barbers bled their patients along with giving them a shave.
    Fioravanti believed,like many others,that it was the duty of the doctor to find a miracle cure for each disease. He asserted that all diseases stem from one ot two causes: either the bad quality and indisposition of the stomach,or “the alteration and putrefaction of the blood”. The solution: purgatives,emetics, and other strong drugs concocted by him and his colleagues.This mode of thinking was an alternative,counter-Galenic way to look at the afflictions which attacked the body. His many and different remedies and talent for self-aggrandizement earned him with the admiration of the people,the derision of the medical establishment and the reputation as one of his era’s most colourful and combative figures.
    The book reconstructs the life of not only a fascinating character lost to history,but the whole concept of the alternative medical thinking during the Renaissance. Fioravanti roamed Italy and other parts of Europe seeking for the Magna Medicina-the Great Medicine.In short,he was looking for the philosopher’s stone. Alchemy was the superstar of Europe and Fioravanti did not intend to be left out. In the eyes of the common people he was a man of miracles but in the eyes of the establishment he was just a quack,and the result was that at the end of his life he spent some time in prison because he was accused of poisoning some of his patients.
    Even centuries after his death,he continued to be remembered,through his many books which he wrote.His many treatises and books were compiled,abridged and translated into many languages.Some of these were still used during the 19th century.His writings were especially popular in Spain. He was also a genius of advertising and used brand names,published remedies in print rather than face-to-face,and took care to publish personal testimonies from his patients. Precipitato,a powerful emetic he invented,was his best-known cure for fevers and earned him most of his fame. He was among the first to advise the use of “magic bullets”,that is: agents,pills,concoctions which would be targeted at the agent causing the disease.
    Was he indeed a charlatan? It depends,according to Professor Eamon,on who is being asked. After all,Fioravandi held a medical degree from the University of Bolognia,which was one of Italy’s most respected medical colleges. The establishment was full of envy and considered him as a fraud.By our contemporaray standarts,he probably was not.His untrammeled curiosity and naive sense of wonder about the marvelous properties of things put him at odds with the medieval tradition.For the Renaissance people,experiments were more important than theories.
    The book is extremelly well-researched and documented,and contains many examples-and intrigues-from the daily lives of the Italians and Fioravanti in the sixteenth century. The historical context is splendidly rendered to the reader and the book reads like a first-rate thriller. This is popular history at its best!

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