Cheap “Traditional Chinese Medicines: Molecular Structures, Natural Sources and Applications”

Traditional Chinese Medicines: Molecular Structures, Natural Sources and Applications

In laboratories around the world the active principles in traditional herbal medicines are being isolated and characterized. A systematic effort at the Chinese Academy of Sciences is underway to identify the structure-activity relationships that result from the link between chemistry and medicine that is permitted by this data. This book, which provides the only systematic English-language description of the chemical structures and pharmacological effects of compounds active in traditional Chinese medicines (TCMs), is now in its second edition. The new edition provides English-language monographs on over 9000 chemicals isolated from nearly 4000 natural sources used in Chinese medicine and features the addition of in-depth bioactivity data f

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Question by General MacArthur: Can someone tell me of an effective natural medicine which lowers high blood pressure?
I already know about exercise ,staying away from salt cutting down on fat and eating right. Thanks in advance for your answers. God bless.
Oh, And I know about staying away from caffeine too. Thanks,

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Answer by Zela
Stay away from salt sugar and oil for a while. Eat more fruits and veggies

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  1. King David says:
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    Disappointing, April 6, 2000
    By A Customer

    I was disappointed at the fact that several cross references that I happened to find are missing or incomplete. Mistakes of this kind are easy to correct and the authors should have done so before it was published. It was good to see the chemical structures of some constituents of Chinese Medicines being available in the book. However,judging from the title of the book, one would normally expect to see a similar amount of pages are dedicated to the medicinal applications of the medicines. Sadly, this is not the case in this book. Too brief and rough is the word for this part. It, therefore, seems to me that the book promises lots, yet delivers a little and is overpriced.

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    ... on July September 5th, 2011