Discounted “”Food and Health”"

“Food and Health”

How often do we hear women exclaim, “Oh dear, what shall I have for the
next meal?”

This little book will aid you in answering that troublesome question.
The recipes are carefully selected and we hope you will find them

More important to you than the question of food is that of health.
Therefore, in this book we show you many letters from women who have
received great benefit by taking Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound.
You have heard of this splendid medicine, for it has been used by women
for nearly fifty years. It is a Woman’s Medicine for Women’s Ailments.
It is prepared from medicinal plants that are especially adapted for the treatment of the troubles women so

List Price: $ 0.99

Price: $ 0.99

Question by Rod2008: What is the best natural medicine for a body odor?

Best answer:

Answer by JRock
Take a bath with 1/2 cup or baking soda

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