Low cost “Timeless Herbs for Timeless Attractiveness: Classical and Secret Chinese Natural Recipes for Hair Care and Hair Decline Remedy (Journal of Chinese Herbal Drugs and Acupuncture)”

Timeless Herbs for Timeless Elegance: Classical and Top secret Chinese Herbal Recipes for Hair Care and Hair Reduction Remedy (Journal of Chinese Organic Medication and Acupuncture)

The organic recipes introduced in below are classical and secret recipes from imperial palaces in ancient China. It was recorded that since of using some of the recipes, Empress Dowager Cixi in the Qing Dynasty nevertheless had thick and stunning hair when she was much more than 70 years old. These normal organic recipes can aid clean and nourish the hair and scalp to make the hair texture smoother and softer, enhance all-natural hair color, quit itching, and stop dandruff and scalp conditions. Some can prevent and mend hair reduction, treat baldness, and boost hair progress. Some recipes can be employed to recover carbuncles on the head. These recipes are selected and translated from ancient classical Chinese medicine books like Imperial Organic Formulation (Yu Yao

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