Mail order “Innate and Adaptive Immunity in the Tumor Microenvironment (The Tumor Microenvironment)”

Innate and Adaptive Immunity in the Tumor Microenvironment (The Tumor Microenvironment)

Cancer cells are continuously interacting with the immune system of the host. These interactions can be regarded as a double edged sword. On the one hand, innate and adaptive immune responses act to protect the host by attempting rejection of the tumor. On the other hand, inflammatory cells and proteins stimulate multiplication and dissemination of cancer cells, thereby accelerating the progression of the disease. Traditionally, the interplay between cancer cells and host immunity has been studied systemically, with no particular attention to the site at which a given tumor develops. Recent studies, however, indicate that the tumor microenvironment is unique in providing both supportive and inhibitory factors that determine the fate of the

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Price: $ 159.00

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