New “Natural Health – Herbal Medicine And Natural Healing”

Natural Health – Herbal Medicine And Natural Healing

What we do not understand we tend to reject. Herbal medicines, acupressure, acupuncture, natural medi-cation, and healing are some of those. And we dance along because if things cannot be explained by sci-entific methods, it cannot be true.

Definition of health varies from person to person. To some it means that nothing is really serious, for some it means not getting any worse, for other it is the visit to the doctor every year to get a nod of “all clear”. Seldom did it mean zero health problems. And so we get by with taking aspirins and painkillers and live with aches and pains that we associate with certain infective bug, overwork, or ageing.What we do not understand we tend to reject. Herbal medicines, acupressure, acupunctur

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Price: $ 2.99

Question by Bugs: Is there a herbal or natural medicine to lower the blood pressure of a person who has stage 2 hypertension?

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Answer by jenny k
Although there are effective herbal medications for some diseases, hypertension is not one of them. Assuming you are on blood pressure medication, there are a lot of herbal supplements that would interfere with many blood pressure meds. Be careful!

The best “natural” remedy for hypertension is weight loss. It’s been shown that losing 25 pounds can reduce the top number of your blood pressure by up to 20.

Also, consider following the DASH diet from the NIH ( The average person who follows that diet will lower the top number blood pressure by 10.

If you do both of those things, the effects will add together.

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