New “The Laboratory Mouse (Laboratory Animal Pocket Reference)”

The Laboratory Mouse (Laboratory Animal Pocket Reference)

Mice have been domesticated by humans for centuries, even millennia, and have been used in research since the 1600′s. However, development of the laboratory mouse as a research model accelerated with genetic experiments in the early 1900′s. Today, the laboratory mouse is recognized as the pre-eminent model for modern genetic research. In fact, over the last decade or so, most biomedical research facilities have experienced increases of up to three hundred percent in their mouse populations. Numerous other disciplines, including immunology, cancer biology, toxicology, developmental biology, aging research, and cardiovascular biology have recognized the mouse as a valuable research model.The Laboratory Mouse provides a single source reference

List Price: $ 49.95

Price: $ 49.95

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    The book goes over all the basic information about lab mice. Most sections contain enough information to use this as a handbook for caring for mice. Other sections point to resources that can give protocols for one or several techniques.

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