New “Why Do We Get Sick? Why Do We Get Better? A Wellness Detective Manual”

Why Do We Get Sick? Why Do We Get Better? A Wellness Detective Manual

No matter what you’re told, what you’ve got, or how bad it gets, never feel helpless about your health again. This book presents a workable model for how the different parts of you, physical, emotional and the deeper parts, interact with each other and how, when they are out of sync, cause symptoms. A model that will work for you for everything from the smallest pain to terminal illness.

“This book is remarkable. Not only is it a succinct summary on how to become your own wellness detective, it is also easy to read and humorous. With deep insight, it equips the user with a wellness model that they can use to monitor their health, and improve it. This book gave me sudden insight into the sources of my personal health

List Price: $ 0.99

Price: $ 0.99

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