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Nature Cure – Philosophy And Practice Based On The Unity Of Disease And Cure

…Thus they proclaimed the “return to Nature” and the “new gospel of health,” which are destined to free humanity from the destructive influences of alcoholism, red meat overeating, the dope and tobacco habit, and of drug poisoning, vaccination, surgical mutilation, vivisection and a thousand other abuses practiced in the name of science.

A humorous book of how Richard Mabey overcame depression with his admiration of nature.

Mabey discusses the two principal methods of treating disease; the combative and the preventive and goes on to explain that modern medicine is almost always about combative medication and not preventive.

He shows how one can use purely natural methods to prevent, treat and hinder

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Price: $ 12.95 Ayurveda is a good thing for any mother to know, Ayurvedic home remedies are safe, simple and easy to prepare. My daughter has been helped by this natural sore throat remedy many times. Summary A quick and easy way to sooth sore throats with just two ingredients that you can buy at any grocery store. For more tips like this please visit Living by Design at: DISCLAIMER: this video is for information only – please see you doctor if you are worried about any symptoms. ABOUT TURMERIC: Turmeric is the ground and dried root of a plant called curcumin longa. If you have ever seen the ingredient “curcumin” listed on food packaging – that’s turmeric. It’s commonly used as the yellow colouring in many Asian foods and you can buy it in the spice section of most grocery stores. There’s more to turmeric than it’s colour though. It is anti-inflammatory (which is why it’s good for sore throats), antioxidant and currently being actively researched for it’s anti-cancer properties.
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