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Your Natural Health Makeover

Now everyone can feel refreshed and renewed with this remarkable all-over transformation plan for achieving natural, glowing health from head to toe. Through a program of simple-but-effective routines, respected natural health authority Lauri Aesoph shares great health habits that readers can establish and then maintain throughout their lives to feel terrific both inside and out.Your Natural Health Makeover combines clear explanations and careful instructions with real-life stories that illustrate natural health principles in action. The book includes 100 makeover hints, with advice on beefing up the body’s defenses, improving circulation and digestion, relieving stress, regaining sexual vitality, improving muscle tone, unlocking the secret

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Question by Angus M: Is medicine the enemy of natural selection?
Does modern medicine inhibit the progressive, advancing nature of human beings’ evolution? Surely by preventing or treating illnesses, which would otherwise be fatal to a human being, we are allowing these inferior genes to be passed onto the next generation. When did survival stop being about physical resilience and strength, and start being about preventing these problems?

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Answer by dundokid43210
You could deffinetly argue it either way. But the question is why? I mean if you had an illness im sure you would want to try to fix it and survive wouldn’t you?

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  1. Karina A. Suarez "Karina A. Fogliani-Ahmed" says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Wake up to a healthier, livelier YOU, May 17, 2010
    Karina A. Suarez “Karina A. Fogliani-Ahmed” (Walt Disney World, USA) –

    This review is from: Your Natural Health Makeover (Paperback)

    After three and a half years of both full time work and study I could feel my natural defenses weakening, as well as my fitness level, and even my libido. Now that education is over – at least momentarily – I picked up a book from my personal library that I have had for a while but never got the chance to really absorb and follow. Dr. Laurie Aesoph guides us in this natural guide to enhanced well-being as if taking us by the hand.

    “A beauty makeover may make you look more attractive, but only a Natural Health Makeover does the job in depth” (page 3). With these words, Dr. Aesoph embarks on a journey of guidance and suggestions to make us feel better on all levels, from attaining top muscle tone to improving circulation, enjoying a healthy sex life and maintaining our “little grey cells”, like Agatha Christie’s Poirot would say, in top shape. The first chapters offer an overview of the book’s approach, including a table / chart for a before and after comparison. In it, the reader is to note the areas of concern, along with the intensity and frequency of their occurrence. I find this to be a very useful tool, as it really helps track improvement.

    What I find unique and most enticing about the book is that it is not just a compendium of suggestions for treatment of ailments but for lifestyle options as well. For instance, Dr. Aesoph includes several cooking recipes, geared to enhance particular areas of the body, such as the hearty Ruby Beet Soup, for a sluggish liver on cold winter nights, or the very green Parsley Paisley Salad, with deep cleansing properties, and the enlightening Blueberry Eye Pie, which, to paraphrase Dr. Aesoph, will “help us see things clearer”, as blueberries are an excellent food to maintain healthy eyesight. There are also five appendixes and an extensive list of references in the back, including herbs used in naturopathic medicine, practitioners, publications and resources.

    This is a wonderful book that includes treatments for almost any ailment that can be prepared and administered at home, enticing us to eat, breathe and live healthy in almost every page of its writing. Wisely, Dr. Aesoph cautions against drastic changes, inviting the reader to practice the suggested techniques and recipes gradually. Personally, I have started about three weeks ago using several of the suggestions and I can already notice a change, particularly in my circulatory system (I tend to have bad circulation, especially in my legs). I can hardly wait till fall comes and it is time to compare my before and after, which I feel, God willing, should certainly be an improvement.

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    ... on July October 16th, 2011
  2. lostitbaby says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great book!!, September 23, 2005
    This review is from: Your Natural Health Makeover (Paperback)

    I had over 250 books on health, nutrition, and fitness. I threw them all out except two, this and “What Would Jesus Eat?” THis book provides great advice and is just wonderful to read and reference. I love it! Dr. Aesoph has a great writing style and the book is very well structured. With the other book I mentioned, I used this information to lose 200 pounds and vitalize my health.
    I highly recommend this to anyone!

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    ... on July October 16th, 2011