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The Mnemonic Similiad: Homeopathy

In constructing the Mnemonic Similiad I have endeavoured to introduce a scheme for aiding the memory in grasping and retaining in mind groups of remedies having a general indication in common.
To what extent I have succeeded must be determined by a fair trial, made by those who may feel disposed to test it.
The principle of association is a faculty native to the human mind, exercised in acquiring and retaining the various things stored up in the memory.
We may not at all times be aware of this or observe it, but, nevertheless, it is a spontaneous process in perpetual operation in our mental organism.
Therefore, there can be nothing more acceptable and agreeable to the rational mind than a well-construct

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Price: $ 2.99

Question by Pixy: What is the difference between naturopathic medicine/natural medicine and oriental medicine?

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Answer by Tony I
Hmmm, interesting question. The two are similar and yet different. I guess I will take a shot:

Naturopathy is basically a system of treatment that views disease as a manifestation of alterations in the processes by which the body naturally heals itself. It emphasizes health restoration as well as disease treatment and which utilizes a wide range of natural therapies emphasizing the healing power of nature to treat the causes of disease. Some of those therapies include: nutrition, herbal medicine, and physical medicine, which is the manipulation of muscles, bones, and the spine.

Oriental medicine describes a complete medical system that dates back thousands of years. It treats the body as a whole, with an emphasis on maintaining overall health to prevent disease instead of waiting to treat disease after it manifests itself. Oriental medicine believes that energy flows on specific pathways through the body the same as does blood flow on specific pathways, and it attempts to achieve a proper balance in the body’s energy flow via the use of herbs and accupuncture. That may sound a bit farfetched to some people, but one must recognize that they have been doing it successfully for thousands of years.

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