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New, Old And Forgotten Remedies: Homeopathy

Preface to the first edition.
During the many years that the compiler has had the management of the publishing department of Messrs. Boericke & Tafel -long to look back over, yet short to live so many inquiries came in for “literature” or in the form, “where can I find something about” this, that, or the other remedy, that finally I became convinced that there might be a niche in the great world’s already over-crowded library for a book containing, in part, at least, the information desired by my numerous correspondents.
This determined, and the great publishing house willing to back the enterprise, came the task of collecting the material. The work once begun, it was soon found that it is much easier to plan such a volume than to

List Price: $ 4.99

Price: $ 4.99

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