Online shops: “Are We to Have a United Medical Profession? : Homeopathy”

Are We to Have a United Medical Profession? : Homeopathy

Enthusiasm over a platform which I believe to be as broad as truth itself and as just as the light of day, does not so carry me away as to let me suppose that any great proportion of the profession will promptly accord to homeopathy the place I do. My claim for this little book is that, by defining different cures and by classifying practices, it makes obvious the tenability of an attitude friendly toward both homeopathy and rational medicine, and that it thus illumines a platform from which no man would be excluded because of his friendly attitude toward either. For years there has been a growing sentiment that an acceptance of homeopathy does not preclude an acceptance of rational medicine; but there seems to have been wanting so evidentl

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Price: $ 0.99

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