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Keynotes to the – Materia Medica : Homeopathy

THE Principal part of this book was originally delivered to the students of the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia during the Sessions of 1871-2-3, etc., in the form of lectures on the Materia Medica, by the late PROFESSOR HENRY N. GUERNSEY, M.D.
For obvious reasons, he did not attempt to give a complete pathogenesis of every drug. “To give the Materia Medica, with anywhere near all the symptoms of each remedy,” he said, “would require at least three consecutive courses of lectures–each course to be not less than six months long.” His aim was to present enough of the outline and the leading characteristics, to turn the student’s mind, when he should engage in practice, in the direction of the proper remedy, when prescribing fo

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Price: $ 2.50

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