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My Physician Guide to Homeopathy

A Physician Approved Guide Detailing How to:

Understand Homeopathy

-Learn the philosophy behind homeopathy and how it works

-The advantages of homeopathic medicine

-The history behind this form of treatment

-Homeopathy around the world – where is it popular?

-Why there is a resurgence of natural healing in western culture

-Learn how the ‘Law of Similars’ works

-The power of dilution and why it is so critical

-Why the method of ‘potentisation’ makes treatment safe and effective

-How homeopathic treatments are ‘proved’ and what this means

Homeopathic Treatments

-Different forms of

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Price: $ 9.99

Question by Γνῶθι σεαυτόν zeitgeist pirate™: How might the natural selection process be different if modern medicine didn’t exist?
Is treating people, in some instances, via techniques espoused by modern medicine somewhat counterproductive in the natural selection process because the treating the debilitating illness or genetic disorder in question may prolong the life of the affected which could allow them more opportunities to pass along genetic material?
-the treating of the- excuse me.

Best answer:

Answer by Son of a PropReno
What a great question.

If you think about it, modern medicine has only been in existence a microsecond in relation to the time scale that evolution applies to, so I think only time will tell.

But it MUST be affecting natural laws in some minuscule way now, considering..

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