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The Paradigm Shift in Health Care

The Paradigm Shift

With socialized medicine a very real possibility and new incurable diseases popping up just about every month our future doesn’t look very promising. To continue down the current road of the Medical Disease Treatment Paradigm is pure folly. Historically it has a terrible track record and fails miserably getting sick people healthy.

A new Paradigm is necessary. A new direction.

A Paradigm is the road you’re going to take to get to the end result you want. It’s the principles and protocols you’re going to apply to get you there.

The Natural Healing Paradigm is a new topic. Never before have the principles and fundamentals that govern all of Natural Healing been available

List Price: $ 9.99

Price: $ 9.99

Homeopathic medicine scene from Futurama, “Crimes of the Hot”. -I’ve got a degree in homeopathic medicine. -You’ve got a degree in baloney.

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