Webstore: “Natural Pain Management – How to Conquer Pain Once and For All by Attacking the Source and Do It Naturally”

Natural Pain Management – How to Conquer Pain Once and For All by Attacking the Source and Do It Naturally

Chances are, you may have heard the story about the guy who goes to his doctor and tells him, “Doc, it hurts when I lift my arm this way,” as he twists his arm in an awkward position.

The doctor responds, “then don’t move your arm that way,” and hands the guy a bill for 0!

Plenty of people have laughed at that joke, but if you suffer from acute or chronic pain it’s no laughing matter!

It’s all in your head?

Have you heard that one before? Maybe it’s a backache, or a headache or a throbbing joint or muscle. You go to your doctor and he can’t find anything wrong. He writes you a prescription for pain medication and suggests you see a neurologist.

The neurologist does an exam and tells

List Price: $ 6.99

Price: $ 6.99

Question by Beto: Do you know if there is a medicine that cures high blood pressure? Natural or ChemicalNecesito saber si hay?
I need to know if there is a Natural o Commercial Medicine that helps to cure High Blood Pressure?

Necesito saber si hay algun medicamento que cure la presión arterial alta.

Best answer:

Answer by lifeisagift
I have heard that Policosinol (a natural remedy) works, and bananas because they have potassium in them. Moderate daily exercise and good nutrition. If your blood pressure is really high, see a doctor because high blood pressure is dangerous.

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